Fuzz Wax Bar is featured on the cover of Franchise Canada for Raising the Bar!

Fuzz Wax Bar is making big moves in the beauty industry: from its announcement of gender-neutral services and going green, to expanding into the U.S. while preserving its core values.

If you dig into the backstory of any franchise across Canada, you may find some intriguing and unique tidbits about how a brand went from idea to triumph. For Fuzz Wax Bar founders Jessie Frampton and Florence Gaven Rossavik, their franchise success story started in a vintage clothing shop in Toronto, Ontario 12 years ago. Frampton says she did something she’s never done before: went up to a stranger to ask her for advice on a sweater she wanted to buy. That stranger ended up quickly becoming a new friend and then business partner just three months later.

Fuzz services are for everybody

“Fuzz Wax Bar is a membership-based waxing only salon for everybody,” explains Frampton, noting that she and Rossavik co-founded it in 2012. “At the time, there were no concepts similar to ours–there were nail, brows, and hair bars, but no wax bars. [We] successfully brought the wax-only concept to the Toronto market and launched North America’s first membership-based beauty bar.

The Fuzz brand is growing and has its eye on a brand-new market south of the border. Fuzz’s gender-neutral values are evident from one peek at the services offered on their website: waxing for essentially any part of the body regardless of gender and without any price differences.

Environment-friendly service is another value of Fuzz

Environmental consciousness is a growing theme within the beauty industry, and Fuzz places a refined focus on being environmentally friendly and reducing waste production. To help with this initiative, Fuzz has partnered with Green Circle Salons to repurpose and recycle leftover resources and goods.

Together the duo grew the brand to its 16 wax bar locations across Canada, including eight corporate locations and five new franchises to come this year.

To learn more about franchising with Fuzz Wax Bar in the USA & Canada, please visit this page and request more information.

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