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Vision + Collaboration = Reality

Some people have a vision and an outstanding passion that allows them to turn that vision into reality. They aren’t content serving the neighborhood or their city. They want to serve the world.

These are the people we work with.

Even they are sometimes stifled by roadblocks and growth ceilings. Sometimes, they can’t push past them on their own. We help our brands push past their growth ceilings with our ecosystem of expertise, systems, structure, and capital. We’ve been there, and now we want to help.


How we started and where we are now.

In 2007, Clear Summit Group (CSG) was formed to bring professional management to emerging and growth brands in franchising. Our strategy & leadership team has evolved, and today, we’re proud to have seven brands in our portfolio with franchisees all over the world.

Build brands

We’re connected, collaborative partners who come alongside our brands to help them realize their vision.

Develop people

We equip our talent to do what they do best and make space for them to prioritize meaning and purpose.

Impact lives

We want owners to realize their visions, entrepreneurs to make a living on their own terms, and customers to benefit from brands that deliver.

The people behind CSG

Dan Monaghan

Dan is a future-oriented entrepreneur with a unique ability to see patterns before others and build the models and frameworks to bring new opportunities to life.

With several entrepreneurial successes behind him and a national best-selling book called Why Not Me?, Dan founded WSI at the age of 27. 

Over the last 25+ years, WSI has grown as a part of CSG’s portfolio to become the world’s largest digital marketing franchise organization, with almost 1,000 franchised agencies in over 80 countries.

In addition to his role at CSG, he lectures on franchising at educational institutions like Cornell and Georgetown and sits on the board of the International Franchise Association.  

With family at the center of much of his life, Dan’s also the founder of Make Child Poverty History, a worldwide outreach program operated in partnership with World Vision.

Tony Valle

Tony spends his time thinking about the edges of human potential and how franchising can serve customers, employees, and franchisees.

His business career began as a 19-year-old running a College Pro (CP) franchise business. For the next three decades, he worked in various executive positions in some of the world’s largest multi-brand franchising platforms.

In addition to being a Managing Partner at CSG, he’s the IFA Foundation Board Chair, an ICFE Board Trustee, and member and Past Chair of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) in Toronto, where he’s held leadership roles throughout his tenure. 

Tony is a burgeoning philanthropist, an active amateur musician, hockey player, and cyclist. His family time is spent often planning their next adventure, and having fun with competitive activities.

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