From Rock Bottom to Global Mentor

In 2015, Byron Zahm embarked on a journey of self-discovery to reclaim his life after losing everything and being forced to live out of his car. A true experience seeker and risk-taker, Zahm traveled across the country to find his new purpose in life. From working as a guide in Alaska for a year and a half to leading zip-lining courses in Minnesota, Zahm sought to make a bigger impact. That is when he discovered Tutor Doctor, the leader in one-to-one private tutoring.

In 2019, his life changed as his franchise journey began. Zahm has taken his ownership of Tutor Doctor by the horns. Earning company-wide praises, he has been named a Global Mentor at the company, serving as a mentor for both prospective and current franchise partners of the brand from across the world. His specialty? Touching others with his inspiring road of re-discovery and perseverance. While starting over can be scary, whether that be in business or life in general, you are never alone in your journey. Zahm has some words of advice for others going through a similar situation as a reminder that everyone can overcome even the most difficult times.

Value Relationships

Build bonds with quality people. Zahm puts a lot of trust in his employees, clients, and corporate, all of whom he owes part of his success. When you surround yourself with good people, your confidence begins to soar in every aspect of life. His equation to success is hiring great people that turn into great tutors who then put forth great systems that result in great reviews and great success. The self-proclaimed “matchmaker for education” loves connecting families with tutors – it’s actually his forte. Zahm has been invited to speak on four Global Team Calls for the company, sharing his success in converting consultations into loyal clients. In fact, his first consult as a Tutor Doctor owner ended up being his first client and they still have a great relationship to this day.

Take the Leap

Take the leap of faith – you never know what may come out of it. Zahm’s greatest challenge in starting over was the fear of past failures and risking it all once again not knowing the outcome. Never be afraid to branch out and try something new. Zahm had a background in sales but made a few career jumps along the way before he decided on entrepreneurship. Now, it’s the thing that changed his life. “Faith without action is merely hoping. Faith with action is, believing. And believing is everything!” said Zahm. Having the courage to start over is something not many people have. Believe in whatever it is you are doing – trust the process. Zahm is eternally grateful that Tutor Doctor gave him the opportunity to restart his life, and encourages others to trust and take that leap of faith as well.

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