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Going Pro!! Nursing Student Emilie Nadeau shares how she discovered her passion for leadership by owning a College Pro franchise.

Owning a franchise helped Nadeau come out of her shell, she says. “Before I ran this franchise, I was super shy!” Running her College Pro location meant getting herself out there, meeting new people, and sharing genuine connection. “I feel like owning this franchise just shaped my life in a totally different way–if I look at myself from one year ago, I’m completely different now. It’s helped me in so many ways–I can’t even begin to explain it.”

For those interested in running a College Pro franchise, Nadeau says it’s important to be personable and able to create relationships with customers, and to be willing to work hard and push the limit.

When asked her number one piece of advise for a new or prospective franchisee, Nadeau says, Your intuition will often know what to do, even if you feel uncertain about it. Just [believe] that everything that you do is working out in your favour, even if it doesn’t seem like it is right now.”

“Just trust yourself.”

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